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Jardin Les Plantes


Toulouse Central

Toulouse Central

Mmmmm coffee

Mmmmm cake

Will the car fit down here?

Breakfast at Maccas again - yes I know. Sad isn't it!! But I swear it's the only place to get a good cup of coffee!!

Headed off to Toulouse. We were going to go to Andorra La Vella up in the Pyrenees mountains, but when we saw the state of the roads we thought caution before valour, and head somewhere else. So, on to Toulouse. Drive in isn't too inspiring. The hotel we are staying at is out near the airport, so it's not exactly in the cultural heartbeat of the city. Still, it's a place to lay the head for a night.

After checking in, we went into the city centre to do some exploring. As always there's onl "old" part of the city around which the city has grown. Toulouse has a really nice feel to it. Trees line the streets throughout, parks and gardens are scattered all round. The streets are even laid out in a logical manner so it's easy to get your bearings. Spending one day here doesn't really do it justice, but we want to push on to start exploring the west coast, including Brittany and Normandy (with a side trip to San Sebastion in Spain).

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