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Our hotel grounds

This guy had a bad hair day!

Mmmm yummy!

Nice, huge fish, seen when snorkeling

More fish and coral, moorish idol at the bottom

Cool Clam!


We were both so tired from our day of diving yesterday we decided to sleep in this morning. Woke up to a bright and beautiful day here in the village of Pemuteran. We had an awesome breakfast which is included in our room price, of course we each get something different so we can share. Fresh cup of Balinese coffee, fresh Mango juice (my absolute favorite), fresh fruit platters for both of us and a main breakfast plate of our choosing. Crazy right, this is fabulous. Why anyone wouldn’t want to come and live here and stay in places like this is beyond me.

We walked through the village, about a km and stopped in at a local mini market. Grabbed ourselves a large water and two ice cream pops. Headed towards the beach where Jason snorkeled for a bit. It’s a little expensive to rent snorkel gear here so Jason used mine and I walked the beach picking up some sea shells. Amazing how each place supplies you with such different gorgeous shells.

We headed back to the hotel where we planned on updating the blog however we were notified that a very large village ceremony was to take place tonight at the Hot Springs Temple starting at 7:30pm. The kitchen would be closing early tonight so the local workers could attend the ceremony. So we ordered our meal early so they could attend . While we sat and ate our meal, young girls of all ages that attend the school here were getting dressed in their ceremonial gowns and adorning themselves with makeup. Young boys were also suited up in their ceremonial gowns and carried out large heavy instrument pieces to a truck that would take them and their instruments to the temple. This place was alive with excitement, everyone running around doing something and all of them smiling and happy as can be. Soon enough we were invited to attend the ceremony and take part in the village prayer. We graciously accepted the invitation, finished eating and went back to our rooms to change and get ready to go. I wrapped myself up in my sarong and Jason was kindly outfitted in a sarong on loan from our hotel.

Around 7:30pm we started our walk to the temple. It was fairly dark out but we managed to make it to the main street just fine. We had to stop to talk with locals along the way to make sure we were headed in the right direction. Soon enough we were greeted by locals who were happily inviting us to join them at the temple, as we passed by shops they would shout greetings to us. All with huge smiles.

Finally we arrived. Loud chanting being broadcasted over a loud speaker could be heard, the young girls dressed in their ceremonial dresses were dancing away. We were warmly welcomed and were told to record or take as many photos as we liked. A group of local woman welcomed me in further so I could see the girls performing their dances. Once that ended everyone turned around and gathered at another corner of the temple to hear the young boys play the lovely musical instruments we had seen them carry to the vehicle earlier. What an amazing sound and each one of them very aware of their role. We sat down and watched them for a long time, listening to the beautiful music they created. Soon enough we were greeted by a young Balinese boy who works at our hotel and he invited us to join him inside for the village ceremonial prayer. He had another Caucasian couple with him who would be joining us as well for the prayer.

We made our way inside the temple and quickly sat down, crossed legged and fully covered by our sarongs. We were provided with flowers, which are used throughout the prayer process. We watched as many more locals came in and sat down, offerings of fruit baskets were placed on tables on either side of the throne. Priests passed out incense sticks, (the smoke carries your wishes to the Gods above). An older gentleman beside Jason befriended him, supplied Jason with some more flowers and an incense stick. Telling him of their tradition and what certain aspects of it all means. Such warm, embracing people. Some of the younger local girls watched us and giggled as we par took in the ceremonial prayer. An older priest sat down in a throne like chair starts speaking/chanting through a microphone. The prayer process begins, we watched and did what every one else did with the flowers. At the end of the prayer a priest comes by with holy in scented water from the mountain springs. He splashed water on your head, then we took the water in our hands three times, drinking the water each time and finally he ended with another scoopful into our hands which we placed on top of our heads. Obviously we missed a few steps as everyone was watching us and the young girls were laughing away but we did it and what an experience it was.

We said our goodbyes and made our way out of the temple. We bought a small bunch of freshly boiled shelled peanuts still on the stems from a local man. We also purchased an interesting ‘bag’ of soup. It consisted of one large ball almost the size of a tennis ball, three small balls the size of a large marble, some thin rice noodles all heaped into a small bag filled with what appeared to be a hot brothy soup, all that for 60 cents Canadian. We really didn’t know what we were purchasing but it smelled good and the locals were lining up for it. One local lady that spoke pretty good english decided to help Jason out and order him one as some of the locals pushed passed him and got in line in front of him. LOL - I think she felt sorry for him. Jason asked her what it was and she said, “Chicken”. So off we went walking back to the hotel with a bag of hot steamy chicken balls!

We were greeted by many happy locals on our way back to the hotel, we had a few dogs bark at us and follow us for a bit. I said to Jason, “Great, and I’m carrying this bag of chicken balls!” We decided if we got attacked by one we would just throw down the balls and run LOL. Lucky for us that didn’t happen and once we were back to our room we poured out the soup into a bowl and enjoyed. The large balls was spiced well and was a bit dry. The small balls were also spiced very well but a lot more tender and had a faint shrimp taste. The broth and noodles were delicious. The little dude selling this stuff like hot cakes knows what he’s doing.

Another great day here in Bali.

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