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View from the boat on the way to see the dolphins

Found them!

Heading back to land

Views from the side of the road

Heading out to do some Scuba Diving

Right over there, that's where we dive!

Temple on island next to our dive site

Our Divemaster and boat Captain

Outdoor shower!

Delicious food... $3!

Praying Mantis next to our room

We got up at 5:45am to go catch a small fishing boat with the “Captain” to go watch the sunrise with the Dolphins out on the ocean. The journey took about half an hour to get out to where the Dolphins are seen everyday at sunrise. There were many Dolphins out in the ocean however there were so many other tour boats looking for the same experience that it was basically a ‘chase them down’ type of operation. We felt bad about this however the Dolphins must be used to this by now, the tour operators have been doing it for years and Dolphins are brilliant so I’m sure they are the ones laughing. We were the ones chasing them. In the end it was a beautiful sight to see, they are such graceful creatures and we were glad that we had not paid to take this tour, it was part of our packaged deal Jason bargain for. Our captain dropped us back to shore at 7:10am, we went back to the room and packed up our bags. Our entire room stunk to high heaven from the left over Durian from last night, it was so bad we had to remove it from the room. We put it outside and even out there it smelled putrid. We went and ate breakfast and were picked up at 8am by our driver for the Malibu Diving Center. They took our bags, put them in the back and off we went to pick up the rest of the diving and snorkeling groups.

We were split into two groups; one van contained the snorkeling group and our van contained the divers. We stopped to pick up two polish men who were taking their first introductory dive. Peter and his friend (we didn't catch his name) which I believe both currently reside in Dublin, Ireland.

We arrived in Labuhan at the docks where we boarded a small boat to take us out to the diving sites. Our instructors name was Sany and he has been diving this area for over 18 years and is a certified dive master. Our first dive spot was the Coral Garden. We put all our gear on and got ready to roll off the boat backwards into the water. Peter's friend was the first to go over and as he did he let out a huge rolling fart. (we guessed that was how nervous he was) Everyone on the boat broke out into laughter and as he rose to the surface, had a good laugh with us. I went second and Jason followed soon after, followed by Peter. Peter and his friend went with their instructor and dove in a different location,

We started our decent into the Coral Garden and were immediately amazed at all the live colorful coral everywhere. The water visibility was awesome and the abundance of tropical fish was stupendous. We stayed down for 45 minutes at a depth of 18 meters, taking our 3 minute decompression breaks as we made our way to the surface. We boarded the boat, had a bite to eat and were off to our second dive site the famous Pulua 30 meter coral wall.

This time we walked from the boat straight into the water to the edge of the wall. We started our descent down, spotting a huge puffer fish right away. Large sea cucumbers were everywhere, Moorish idols, trigger fish, parrot fish, large Nemo’s, huge fans.....too much to list. This place rocks, and the wall is definitely my favorite dive spot to date. The water is like getting into a very warm bath, the water color is beautiful, the visibility was great and the coral life is astounding. The amount of tropical fish located here is awesome. As we dove around the wall at a depth of 16 meters you can literally look down and as far as the eye can see the wall goes deeper and deeper down. Truly beautiful. We were down there for about 50 minutes before we breached the surface again.

What a great day. Jason and I thoroughly enjoyed it and we are ready to do some more! We got back to the dock, had our diving books stamped and off we went into Pemuteran where they dropped us off at our hotel, Kubuku. Ecolodge & Resort. We said our good-byes and thanked Sany for two wonderful dives, gave him a tip and off they went.

We were greeted by a small teenage boy who grabbed my heavy back pack and escorted us down an alley to our hotel. We passed a few local houses, one yard containing a huge female sow with several little piglets. As we got to our location we were welcomed to a wonderful little eco village with friendly staff. We were shown to our room which was gorgeous and very clean. Air conditioned, double bed and a large adjoining washroom that has its shower open to the outside elements. Brilliant, how awesome is it to take a shower while looking up at the stars! This place rocks. We are spending $28 Canadian for the two of us, breakfast included and an entire meal for both of us costs around $8 Canadian for supper. We would highly recommend the Kubuku Ecolodge to anyone who may be traveling to Bali and staying in the Pemuteran town. Although it’s located off the beach and does not have a swimming pool (looks like they may be installing one) it is the best bang for your buck. It's also holds school here for the village children, it is sponsored by the Canadian International School of Hong Kong. There is a building outback where the children come and attend their classes from 3pm to 5pm everyday. They learn english, organic gardening skills & better care for the environment, computer skills and traditional Balinese dance. Very cool indeed.

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