Stellers Jay

Blue Jays

Deer in the snow



Covered in snow

House Finch


Another view

Doves in the snow

Gray Juncos

Blue Jay eating corn

Another view

Barrett Road on the way to Costco..a bit scary. :)

Views on the way


Someone having trouble on the snowy road

The snow started coming down really hard on the way home..

Neighbor's decorations

We were glad to make it back to the park

One of the cabins for rent at Mountaindale

Back home..

Closer view

We never get tired of watching these beauties..

This fella has a broken antler

The End! :-)

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We got a lot of snow in the last few days and it's still snowing. Yippee!!! My guess is about 8" of accumulation. We have been lazy just watching it come down and enjoying all the wildlife visiting our site. Last night we saw a beautiful red fox in the yard, he only stayed a few minutes.

We did manage to go to Costco and stock up on coffee and stuff we needed. The road out of the campground was covered with snow. Once we got on the main highway it was almost clear, except for the snow covered mountains.

We have been doing a lot of Christmas shopping online and on a special radio station we found. I was trying to find a good station with Christmas music and I found the Radio Shopping Show. They have everything from hotels to restaurants and entertainment coupons with huge discounts. We got two tickets to the Royal Gorge for only $7 each. The cost is usually $25 each. We also got several restaurant coupons and saved a ton of money. We can't stop listening now. :-)

If you are in Colorado Springs be sure to check out AM 1300 for the awesome Radio Shopping Show.

That's it for today. The temperature is 9 degrees as I type, it is suppose to get down to about 7 below zero. Yikes! This is cold even for Colorado. They said it might be a new record for this time of the year.

I have added one video of the deer in the yard, hope you enjoy. Check back later for more from Colorado.

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