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Another beautiful day in Maldives. We were all laughing as all of us blog about out trip and decided that The Maldives portion is boring. It consists of weather, snorkeling, fish, and eating. Because pretty much that is all we do! We stopped at a couple places today to snorkel. On our way to the first we began to see other boats. This was a first as we havent seen any other boats since we left Male' on Saturday.  The first place we stopped to snorkel  had a really big drop off  from the reef. this basically means to the left of me bright reef with lots of fish and to the right of me blue darkness. So deep you could not see more than 5' in front. There was a moray eel hiding in between the coral. He actually came out the entire way and snuck back into the next set of coral.  A strong, long, slimy fish with big teeth. Creepy.  A little while longer I looked up and a barracuda was charging us from the deep blue.   Oh my god.  Scariest thing ever. Within 2 feet, of us he turned quickly and went Back into the blue. A barracudas teeth are like that of a dog. Individual large white and sharpe. We all come above water and I tell Sham "fishman" our guide - I'm out. Ready to get on the boat. The dingy comes and picks three of us up and takes us back to the boat. I'm not cut out for being in the water. Plus I'm smaller and not as good of a swimmer as everyone else that I seem to get pushed around a lot while out there. We get on the boat, spray fresh water all over ourselves and sit in the sun to dry up.  Ahhhhh. We head. Off to the next snorkel place which happens to be the most beautiful sites of the islands we have seen. I decided swimming off the side of the boat is more my style than snorkeling the reef.  After lunch we head to another island to dock for the evening. We also visit the island. On this island they are building a boat. A very large 100' boat. It's been being built for 1.5 years and has 2 more years to go. Our guide Sham thought it be interesting that we climb the boat while Unser construction. This is crazy. We climb up a full ladder, than walk a skinny plank to another ladder to climb. The ladders are not real ladders, only constructed of wood pieces nailed together. After the second ladder we are on board on the main deck of the boat. The boat is constructed of a lightweight wood on the interior. Each stateroom had a head. It is athanor quite nice. We come across another ladder to climb. Up that ladder there were more staterooms. One final ladder to the top of the boat. Mind you this is a construction site that requires hard hats and closed shoes. Flip flops, a skirt and a camera. So unsafe. At the top we take pictures then begin the descent down the four ladders. Still dont know what was scarier. Up or down. Once on the hound I notice the boat is propped up with 2'x4' pieces. Holy crap. Thank god that's over!  We walk down the sand raid of the town and there are quite a few shops. Expensive to buy local products in Maldives. Above our heads there are giant fruit bats flying from tree to tree. I actually got a picture of one flying with full wingspan. Gross! Plus a few hanging upside down in the tree. I felt like I was in a horror movie. At the end of the road there were boys playing soccer until the muslim call to prayer occurred. Then we turned the corner toward the see to see the most beautiful sunset. It was amazing the turquoise sea and the red sky barre none was one of the prettiest sites I've ever seen. Tons of  pictures by all!  Giant crabs fled to their sand holes as we made our way back to the dingy to get back to the boat for dinner and sleep. All in all good day.  

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