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7:30 breakfast and a beautiful sun. Looks like today is going to be an amazing day. Captain says "no bad waves today". The entire boat is overjoyed. We set off on our journey  and cross some major deep water. I'm pretty surprised we havent see dolphins yet. We motor for about 3 hours to our spot where we are going to remain for the day and night. It is right next to a deserted island. Many of the 300 islands are deserted here. We all get into the dingy, and drop off the sides to go snorkeling. The reef is shallow and deep. The coral is as beautiful as the previous day. Many of the coral look like giant mushrooms, giant brains and little sparse trees with no leaves. There are many colors like purple, reds, and blues. This reef didn't have as many fish as the last, but the fish all seemed bigger.I feel like I'm swimming in a huge aquarium.  At one point I look out into the deeper part of the ocean and see something large and black. A few of us saw it. At first it registered as a shark, however after my compulsive view I noticed it to be a very large sting ray. Probably 6 feet across. Scared the crap out of me. If you don't know, I'm not a huge fan of being in the ocean of any sorts. There us a reason why sharks don't walk past my living room. Not sure shy I'd be in theirs.  We snorkeled for a while then made our way to the beach. We took off our gear and explored the small island. Sadly enough there was rubbish on this island as well. An old bottle of wine, a few cans and water bottles and a chair. Totally random. There are mounds of sand where giant crabs dug their houses.  We set back into the water and head back to the boat. Which of course is like swimming into the deep dark abyss.  I dislike that part immensely. We climb aboard exhausted and have a relaxing lunch.  I forgo the afternoon snorkel and read and lay in whatever is available sunshine on the roof of the boat. The side to side swaying rocks me to sleep. Every afternoon tea, coffee and biscuits are served. So cute. We learn that we will be having a BBQ on the beach that night. The captain tajes the dingy out to get some fish. He returns with 6 blue fin tuna. A few of the maldivians set off to set up the BBQ on the island. For a fee hours they dare digging and sorting the space. In comes the rain. We all feel so bad for them. Rain stops. BBQ back on the beach on. The guys go and create candle holders out of tooth picks and napkins, cooking oil and coconuts.  These guys are all pretty experienced mcguyvers. We are already to set off and the lightening hits, the thunder roars and the rain drops out if the sky in sheets. Beach BBQ off. The guys do an amazing job setting the makeshift BBQ on the boat. They make candle holders out  of water bottles. A meal with chicken? Beef, and 2 types of fish is prepared. Fit for a king, again. After dinner the chef victor performs a dance for us to Hindi music. It was a good day. 

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