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Donut disguised as a bagel - there are alot of these big...

Route 66 - Santa Monica Blvd.

Official end point for Route 66 in Santa Monica - Olympic &...

Santa Monica Pier from Palisades Park

Entrance to Santa Monica Pier - the unoffical end point to Route...

Route 66 end point sign on the pier

Entertainment on the pier

Santa Monica Pier Carousel

Patrick's Roadhouse

Inside of Patrick's

Fish and Chips

On the door of the restroom

Restroom decor

Mid-1930's Ford?

View of LA from rush hour crawl

World's oldest operating McDonalds

Original design sign at World's oldest McDonalds

I'm sure most of you have heard or seen the news reports about the unusually strong Santa Ana winds that blew through the area last night. Fortunately for Winnie and I, they appeared to be north and east of where we are. I didn't notice any damage in the RV park this morning, although I vaguely remember hearing the wind blowing last night. Lot's of local news reports of wind caused damage to trees and power lines. Over 300,000 people are without electricity tonight. Los Angeles Dept. of Water and Power has even rationed water in some areas. I drove to Santa Monica area today, but didn't see any damage. There are wind advisories for tonight.

Santa Monica is the location of the end of Route 66. The official end of the highway was at the intersection of Lincoln and Olympic Blvd., but the unofficial end is the Santa Monica Yacht Harbor sign at the entrance to the Santa Monica Pier. On the pier is an unofficial "End Rt. 66" sign. The pier is the California version of the Jersey shore boardwalk, but not as good.

I visited another DDD place for lunch. Patrick's Roadhouse is on the Pacific Coast Highway. It's the one Sue and I missed last week when we were driving Winnie to San Diego. Patrick's is a cross between an Irish and British pub. The motif is the 1940's with alot of WWII era memorabilia. Since it was a pub, I had fish and chips - really good. Patrick's also had an interesting restroom, unisex as many European restaurants, you'll have to look at the pictures.

On the way back to Winnie, I stopped to see the world's oldest operating McDonalds. It was the third ever built and was opened in 1953. The restaurant and sign are the original design with "Speedee the Chef" topping the neon sign. There's also a museum next door with alot of McDonalds' memorabilia.

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