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The Ti at Parker's Crossroad RV Park

For those of you with scooters...Yes, you CAN go camping!


On The Road Again – tra la la la la la la la la – once again, 11 :00 a.m. Nice drive through the country via US 79 from Clarksville to Yuma Tennessee and the Parkers Crossroad RV Park. Starting to see logging trucks and huge bales of cotton wrapped in bright colors lying in the fields.

Something you may have noticed…we haven’t had many pictures lately. That’s because Bob’s camera, a nice little one with an optical viewfinder and oh so easy to use, no longer works and we’ve not had a chance to find a camera shop to get it fixed. Actually, the only thing wrong with it is the button you press to take a picture seems to be jammed in the “in” position. I was going to get him a new one for Christmas but do you know just how hard it is to find a simple point-and-shoot camera with an optical viewfinder? So far, impossible! I DID go on eBay, though, and there are several used same-model cameras so maybe we’ll buy one from there.

Nice campground here. On a hill overlooking a little lake where we can fish for free. The cement pads are "laser leveled" and long enough for both the truck and the trailer. We didn't need any boards for leveling which was nice for a change. Unfortunately, a glance at the weather forecast for this area shows rain from tomorrow until next Wednesday!! Why can’t they send all this rain to Texas where they need it?

When Bob checked in, he noticed they had turkey, ham, cranberry sauce, yams, and several side dishes on the table in the office. They had had Thanksgiving dinner here yesterday for all the campers and this was what was left…for people to come and pick on. We filled up our plates and while Bob stayed down there to talk, I took mine home to eat. I think they did the deep fry turkey ‘cause the skin was almost black but it was really good.


I went out geocaching today…through the Parker’s Crossroads battlefields. They had some very good info boards posted along the trail and it was really easy to imagine the battles they described, especially since those info boards also showed a “You are here” point and if you looked around, the scenery hasn’t really changed all that much since the Civil War.

Another cache search took me up a hill, through the woods, along a barely discernible dirt lane…scary! I was afraid I’d run across a good ol’ boy and his still!! But what was at the top of the lane was a peaceful family cemetery in the woods with some VERY old headstones. Some of those people died over 175 years ago. Really a neat place. My brother and I came across a similar cemetery when we were geocaching in Ohio. As I sat there, soaking up the peace and quiet while I signed the log, the drizzle started…so finished up that job and headed home. The rains have begun. We will be staying in camp until Wednesday when we’ll leave for West Memphis, TN.


After Bob took Taco for his morning walk, he came in and asked how to turn the cargo light off (the light that shines into the back of the truck). It evidently was on all night and the batteries (both of them) were deader than the proverbial doornail. So he put the battery charger on and will let it trickle charge all night. Thank goodness we weren't planning to do anything in the rain today.

And guess what!? We have a winter storm warning for here!! Possibility of 2" to 4" of snow!! How exciting that would be. I don't miss the cold weather of the Poconos but I do miss the snow. Nellie's never seen snow either so it sould be a surprise for her.


Well, what a bummer the big winter storm warning turned out to be. I think we got a grand total of 3/4" to 1" of snow...mostly on the truck and picnic table. Sheesh. Took Nellie out and put her on the picnic table to see what that white stuff was. She was funny as she picked each of her feet up, one by one, because they were cold and wet. Wish I had gotten a picture of that.

The trickle charge worked and the truck started right up this morning. Decided to take it for a nice re-charge run so up to Walmart we went. Passed a couple of cotton fields that look like they weren't picked very well. There were some plants that still had cotton on them.

Tomorrow is supposed to be sunny...chilly but it'll be off to Arkansas we go.

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