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'Adoration of the Shepherds', Domenico Piola, c. 1650, Oil on canvas

'Madonna and Child in Glory with an Angel' by Giovanni Castiglione, c....

'Oasis', El Anatsui, 2008, aluminum and copper wire

'Passage' by Paul Villinski, multi-media glider plane with black butterflies

Closeup of Glider's Tail

Bob, Virginia, Glenda, Martina and Inge

Bob, Inge, Glenda and Virginia

Bob & Virginia Staats, Inge Rider and Martina Lange

Today was a busy day for me. Before meeting my friends to go to the cantata, I ran several errands. First, I dropped off some things at Goodwill. Then I stopped at People’s Pharmacy to get something for my raw throat. The winds the last few days have stirred up the pollen and mold spores and my allergies are going strong!

Since I still had some time before meeting my friends, I stopped at Savers (a thrift shop) to get some books for Odom Elementary students (about 700 of them, I think). My church has “adopted” that school and we do several things for them throughout the year. I selected a dozen books after flipping through them to make sure they weren’t marked up or torn.

By the time I had finished checking out, it was time to head for the rendezvous parking lot. Most of our group couldn’t go today so there were only three of us: Inge, Virginia and I. However, we had two “guests” today: Inge’s relative, Martina Lange of Germany, and Virginia’s husband, Bob.

We had time before the cantata to view a special temporary exhibition, El Anatsui: When I Last Wrote to You about Africa. These works were created from recycled and repurposed materials such as can tops, aluminum can strips, plastic labels, etc. Alas, I was able to take only one photograph. After I had taken it, a museum monitor told me it was not allowed due to copyright issues.

The cantata today was “Non komm, der Heiden Heiland, BWV 62” (Now come, Savior of the Gentiles). Preceding the cantata, there was a quartet at the top of the stairs singing the angels’ proclamation to the shepherds. It was very effective.

The featured piece of art today was Domenico Piola’s “Adoration of the Shepherds” c. 1650-55. There was a new docent who was very well versed in the subject. She discussed several other paintings before taking us to the featured piece. One very interesting painting was 'Madonna and Child in Glory with an Angel' by Giovanni Benedetto Castiglione, c. 1655. The artist used brush and oil paint on cream antique laid paper and then glued it onto canvas. I don't think I've ever seen one like this. At least I didn't know about it if I did see it.

There was another interesting exhibition, Passage, a temporary installation by artist Paul Villinski. It is a large-scale, multi-media sculpture which features a 33-foot glider plane with a wing span of over thirty-three feet. It is fabricated from recycled and repurposed materials, primarily wood, that he salvaged from discarded shipping pallets, police line barriers, broken furniture and construction sites around New York City. Enveloping the life-sized glider is a cloud of 1,000 black butterflies, each of which was shaped to represent one of dozens of different species; no two butterflies are exactly alike.

We had lunch in the Blanton Café. I tried their turkey Rueben sandwich, which was good.

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