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Hotel Tunich Beh

Valladolid Street

Valladolid Church

We have retraced our steps a little to the south and are now at the city of Valladolid. We were here before for one hour to change busses on the way north to Rio Lagartos from Tulum. We took a colectivo from Rio Lagartos to the town of Tizimin. If you don’t have much luggage you could walk to the bus station but the colectivo will pick you up at your hotel and costs only a little more than the bus. There are no taxis in Rio Lagartos. From Tizimin we took a bus to Valladolid. We will be here for four days.

We are staying at Hotel Tunich Beh. It is only two blocks from the bus station. There is a parking lot in front of the hotel with a big wall around it so the hotel cannot be seen from the street, making it a little difficult to find. It seems like a nice hotel and has a courtyard with a small swimming pool and hammocks. Unfortunately, it is a cool and cloudy day and I won’t be going into the pool today. At $42 per night, it is a little more expensive than we have been paying so far.

I am currently sitting beside the pool as I type this on my laptop and Laura is in the hammock reading a book. Life is good.

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