Our European Tour - Second time around!! travel blog

Just returned from breakfast here in the hotel. Have i mentioned it is COLD? Well, it's COLD!!! Breakfast was wonderful, and we just happened to get the chattiest waiter in France.

Spent the entire time swapping details of each others' holidays (he had recently returned from Australia). He didn't quite understand why we were holidaying in the cold. We explained that coming from Nth Qld you get sick of the heat and just want a change of climate. It also means you don't have to contend with the tourist hordes during the warmer months. An example of this is Chamonix itself. During the peak ski season (mid-December to April) the population goes from about 8000 to well over 100,000!!! No thanks! Give me the off-peak periods anytime.

So, today we're off to Turin in Italy. Weather looks like its going to be just perfect for the drive - cold, sunny clear skies.

PS: Still no lost luggage.:)

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