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We flew into Chicago with seven bags and then drove in a hire car to Grand Rapids , Michigan. This is wre we had ordered our new motorhome from Midway Motorhomes in February 2004. After getting some sleep we headed to the dealership to see our new travelling home on wheels. She looked gorgous.

After a quick tour and the paperwork complete we headed out to the Jeep dealer to collect our tow vehicle a new Jeep Liberty.

After lunch we spent the rest of the day going through the motorhome trying to understand how everything worked.

Tired but happy we headed back to the hotel in our new Jeep. we only just got into the car park of the hotel when the car just came to a shuddering hol and we could smell burning. Looked as if the brakes had seized up. We got a tow truck out and it went on its way back to the Jeep dealership.

Next morning the car dealership looked at it and found a problem with the brakes so they provided us with a curtesy vehicle.

We headed down to Chicago again to collect Chloe and Jenny. They had arrived safely but Jenny had not enjoyed the flight very much but Chloe just wanted some food.

The rest of the week went fine as we understood the coach and stocked up with linen, kitchen equipment etc.

The Jeep had returned all fixed thank goodness.

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