Toby-Sue Trip to the Gulf of Mexico 09-10 travel blog

Emma, Carlie, and Reece making nameplates

the patio

Reece, Steph, Ben, and Austin

Reece, Kate, and Ben

Austin and Hailey looking at pics of Steph.




Pete, Troy, La, Sue, Grace, Dylan, and Laura

Derek, Ashley,Reece, and Eric


Hail, Austin, Tanner, Regan, Trent, and Keenan



Grandma and Corey in matching shirts.

Pete, Steph,Eric

I will start the entry with an apolgy for so little pictures. I used a different camera, and somehow lost most of them.

Last Sat. morning Sue and I were having coffee, and I said,"looks like a good day to put up decorations". I had been at it for about half an hour, and it started to faintly snow. I asked Sue if she ordered it to set the mood. By the time it was done (about midnight) we had 8-11". It was beautiful! The only problem was Sue was going shopping, and the to the Madrigal Singers with Chris and Regan that night. She said the jeep handled the trip with no problems. As you can see in the patio picture, the snow all melted.

Sun. morning, I had to drive to Erics house in Wis. He treated me to a Vikings game at the Metrodome. I hadn't been in there for 25 years, and never to a football game. It was a very fun time. The Vikes didn't win (you're kidding), but being with Eric is always a hoot. Thanks Eric. We played the Raiders, and we were razzing a couple in front of us. When the game was over I congratulated them, but when I went down the row and did it to another couple Eric said, "alright with the Mn. nice, are you going to go around the whole stadium?" When I got home, Sue was safely home. Yeah.

Sue has been busy making her projects she will be putting in the Holiday Boutique at the history center. Cute stuff.

We had Most of the family here on Wed. night for Thanksgiving. Some new additions too. Dereks girlfriend Ashley, Regans boyfriend Keenan, and Haileys boyfriend Austin. All 3 very nice kids. I have a few pictures of that. We had a bonfire on the back patio. I think everyone had a good time. I know we did. The house looked worse than a frat party after everyone left. It was worth it. Thanks to everyone for their contribution to a great meal, and time. We don't have a big house to entertain in any more, but it was filled with love and laughter that night. On Thanksgiving Day, Steph and Keith had us over for another great meal, and good time. Thanks guys.

Last night I went with Pete to cut firewood over at Ken and Chris' cabin. It was light when we left, but dark when we got there. We got a good load of wood tho. Challenging in the dark. Pete owes me an ice cream cone. He wouldn't stop at the creamery, which is a tradition. I have never gone by without getting a cone. Actually, he did say he would stop, but it was getting too late. We had a good time, and talk together, even tho he is a slave driver. I figure I am just paying him back for all the work he did for me when he was growing up.

Well, tho not very exciting, you are now up to date.


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