Paul & Cherie Peru Trip 2011 travel blog

Having breakfast with Sandra and Wilber in their kitchen.

Evelyn showing us around her home.

Evelyn pointing out her lamb.

Herding the sheep down to the shore. Evelyn tagged along.

Shooing the sheep to make sure they stay on the path and...

Evelyn enjoying the attention of her uncle( Wilber) and Paul.

It is a long way down to the lake!

We are almost to the grazing area.

The red door is our bedroom. The pink building with the open...

Removing some layers of clothing and getting a drink before we start...

Down to the lake again to get rocks. We pass a lot...

Our bags are full of rocks and it is back up the...

This pig did not like us disturbing its sleep as we passed...

This is what the patio will look like with the rocks we...

We carried up bags of rocks four times!

Evelyn picked out her own rock and carried it up the hill.

Collecting water. See the rocks in the background.

Grandma milking the cow. They tie the back legs. I thought we...

These young girls were laughing because their donkeys were farting quite loudly!

One way they till the land.

The wife is planting quinoa.

The school in our village.

Took the cows and donkey down to the lake to get a...

Our jobs are done and it is time to leave.

Evelyn is not happy about us leaving!

Couple taking wood to the market to sell.


A donkey woke us up at 6 am. After breakfast with the family we were put to work. Our family had 2 chickens, 7 pigs, 16 sheep, 3 cows and a donkey. They grew crops of potatoes and a type of barley. Sandra had a 2 year old daughter, Evelyn.

First we herded sheep down to the shore where they could graze on reeds and grass. When we got them to the spot, you had to catch the sheep by stepping on a long rope that is tied to one of their legs. Two sheep are tied to a metal stake and the sheep are spaced out. I caught one really stubborn sheep that had been tied around the muzzle for this reason. As soon as I pulled its rope, it resisted with its 4 legs. I had to drag this stubborn animal the whole way to the stake by putting the rope over my shoulder!

Next, we walked back up the steep hill to get big bags. Then back down to the shore to collect flat white rockes so the family could make a stone patio. We did this 4 times. It was hard work due to the high altitude we were working at.

Finally, after the grandmother milked the cow, we herded the cows and donkey to the lake to get a drink. Then we herded them back up. This was all done by 11:00 am!.

We had lunch with the family, packed up and said goodbye to our family. Evelyn was upset to see us leave. She got very close to us and was always holding my hand while I did my chores. We took a boat back to Puno where we rested and packed up to get ready to leave for Cusco. It rained a lot again in the evening and night. This is the beginning of the rainy season.

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