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Tandem napping

Trimming the tree

Madeleine bakes a sugar free cherry pie for Grandpa

The topiary behind Selja and Jean-Luc is a longhorn

Selja paints an ornament

We sat right across from the Bass Hall

Jean-Luc got really excited about the float with Santa on it

The Sundance Square tree is lit

Jean-Luc and his lighted Santa hat

We had a typical American Thanksgiving for Selja, Amanda and Robert's Finnish exchange student. Smoked turkey was a concession to the traditional roasted turkey, but we just like the taste better. All the other accoutrements were there - sweet potato casserole, green bean casserole and my personal favorite cornbread dressing. Selja seemed to like everything, but said the dressing was her favorite - smart girl.

Amanda made a homemade fruits of the forest pie which was scrumptious, I made a pumpkin which was Jean-Luc's favorite and Madeleine made a sugar free cherry for Grandpa and she learned how to make a lattice top crust in the process.

Robert put the tree up with the lights the night before giving Selja quite a start when she saw it as trees are not put up in Finland until Dec. 23rd! After Thanksgiving dinner, all the kids joined in adding the ornaments collected over the years. It's always a stroll down memory lane as so many ornaments remind us of times and people.

On Friday, Madeleine and Robert attended a Stars game while the rest of us drove to Sundance Square in Fort Worth for the Parade of Lights and the lighting of the Sundance Square Christmas tree. They have also installed a brand new LED lighting system around the Sundance Square buildings which debuted that night. There were supposed to be crafts and food, but I only saw one craft and one food stand, so that was kind of a bust. There were huge amounts of people everywhere. Amanda and I stood in a line for over an hour just to get some Starbucks. However we did enjoy the parade especially the end when the Santa float came down the street. Jean-Luc who still believes, was quite excited about that. The whole waiting and crowd thing was worth the look on his face.

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