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Madeleine tried out her decorating prowess

Daddy celebrating

Shadow checks out the outside

Me taking picture of Dave taking picture

BFF Barb and me

The old curmudgeons

Robert celebrated his birthday on the day before with Amanda making his favorite meal - spaghetti, and Madeleine baking and decorating a birthday cake. We all had a great time.

Our best friends Barb and Dave will be leaving for Mesa next week, so we had one last day with them. We drove out to Hickory Creek CoE where they are staying and had lunch. I must say, I am envious of them being in Mesa for the winter as we have done that for the last two years and always loved it. We had such a wonderful time there last year. There is always so much to do there- theatre, food, spring training (for Dave.) As Barb said, who are they going to go to the Broadway shows and wine bars with if we are not there. We will definitely miss it.

They'll be spending Thanksgiving with their daughter and son-in-law and then hitting the road to the west the Monday after. I don't envy them the trip as I have always hated driving through West Texas. The road seems to go on forever and there is really nothing to see. Who knows when we will be together again, but we always have a good time when we are.

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