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The plan was simple. Take a taxi with the Dutch geezers to the Argentine side of the falls. Yes, yes, we did have to go through Brazil but, by not actually stopping in Brazil there was little likelihood that I would be caught, jailed, whatever. Actually Lonely Planet lays out how to do it in just this way before giving the mandatory warning that this is wrong, wrong, wrong and you could go to jail. Just lawyer stuff, right.

We made it safely through the checkpoints on either side of the International Bridge. No one stops. No one. So we enter Brazil and follow the signs to the Falls. We had worked with the desk at the hotel to make sure that the taxi driver knew the plan, then we reviewed the plan with the driver.

“Cross bridge. Don’t stop in Brazil. Drive to Argentine side of Falls. Reverso processo.” “Si, si, El Geezer.”

So much for plans. 20 kilometers into Brazil he pulls into the Brazilian side of the Falls. Obviously “Si,si” is not Spanish for “ Yes, yes”, but Guarani for “Your life is about to change.”

Well, we’re here. What could go wrong? For one, they want to see your passport to get the ticket. The driver assures me it will be ok. And when he returns with the ticket it appears that I am no longer a United States citizen but a citizen of Holanda. (Holland, the Netherlands). Go figure.

The Falls are spectacular. The volume of water, the breadth of the falls, the jungle setting! Mrs. Roosevelt was right – “Poor Niagara!” I’ll let the photos speak for themselves. These aren’t shots of the same place taken from a different angle. These are a series of shots as I moved up the falls. The extent of Iguassu makes it one of the world’s great physical wonders.

True, there were others. Halliburton saw Iguassu when it was still a lonely trek through the jungle. Today, millions of visitors come through a well-orchestrated environment. It’s ok. There was a time when I wanted to get somewhere first, be the fastest, be solo. Now I’m quite content to share. I enjoyed being with the soaking hordes of people tramping through the mist, most of us with big grins on our faces.

After a great lunch at a Brazilian style steak house where they come around with various cuts and types of carne, pollo, and chorizo, we crossed back, safely, into lovely Paraguay.

That’s it. Feels good! Enjoy the Pics!

The Geezer

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