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We left this morning before daylight and in fog. Not very good driving conditions for a couple of hours. But we did make it 530 miles today. Butch finally let me drive this RV. I started to feel comfortable driving, then we came upon road construction and I had to drive in the other lane with just a dividerbetween me and oncoming cars. I went about 9miles like that, then ASAP I got off and gave it back to him. Getting through Dallas was interesting. Starting with Ft. Worth and ending on east side of Dallas was about 65 miles. Luckily, we didn't have to change highways, so it was pretty much going straight thru. We are seeing green grass in eastern TX and AK. We have missed grass and so has Pongo.

I have to vent just a little. Butch and I are starting to get on each other's nerves on the trip home. I guess too close and too much undivided attention. He likes to have the radio on and I have no problem with that. BUT, we can't keep it on one station because we pass out of the range. Well, he leaves it on one station until it is gone, so we hear all the jumpy, partial reception for quite a while, then when he does change stations the RV sways to one side because only one hand is on the steering wheel. I know I'm being critical, but what else is there to do while riding for a long time? Oh, well just a couple of more days of driving.

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