The overnight temperatures were very low, about 32, with rain. We knew that there would be snow or ice over the two low summits we had to cross this morning, we took our time and departed Whalers Rest at 10:00 a.m. to let the road ice, if any, melt away. Sure enough, the first and lowest summit of only 330 feet elevation had snow, though only about 1.5 inches scary for an RV'er pulling 16,000 lbs! Not much on the roadway. The next summit of 740 feet didn't have snow, so we felt more at ease. The rest of the 103 mile drive went without a hitch or worry. We are staying at our old haunt, Deer Wood RV Park on hwy 58, just 1/2 mile off the I-5 interchange.

So here we are in Eugene, OR for one week to enjoy family. We have been inundated with rain, mist and cool weather, we're eager to get back on the road and head SOUTH. First, some friendship and love from brothers, sisters, nieces and nephews. Dave gets to show off his outdoor cooking skills with his "Trash Can Turkey" method. Everyone else is alittle apprehensive, but Dave is confident. He hopes to get at least as many "WOW's" here as he did last year in Sierra Vista, AZ at Christmas. If you're interested in what is meant by "Trash Can Turkey" Google it or back page this journal to last December and see the article with pictures there. But, more on that later with pictures this year as well, so watch this space.

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