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Sorry for the long space of time in between entries. There was a lot going on at Tasikoki. Most of which I will not write about in the journal as I only want to remember the good times. We had two very sad goodbyes (not the others were not sad). Janet and Rachael both had to leave earlier than expected. Rachael has gone home to receive some better treatment and hopefully be put on a faster road to recovery. Thankfully Nard and I had the chance to go to Manado and spend a night at the hotel with Janet. We went out to The Club and met with Helen for much needed drinks, nice dinner and a good time. On the animal side of things poor Jo ( the vet from the UK) was broken in rather quickly. Within in three days of her arriving at Tasikoki we had to suture Pokol and Yoan again. This time Pokol was badly damaged with six large lesions covering the majority of his legs and arms. We also had 5 Sulphur Crested Cockatoos go missing from the large aviary and found a pigeon dead in the pond with an egg stuck in the cloaca. We think that it was scared from its nesting spot and landed in the pond below. Then came my time to say goodbye to Tasikoki. But, we did have two nice nights before I left. First, Alicia, Nard and myself were supposed to go to Lembeh for dinner and due to some miscommunication in transportation ended up making a make shift dinner at 9:00 at night. We through noodles, canned veggies, and canned soup into a pot and then made eggs and toast. Actually ended up being a pretty good dinner and a night I will never forget. The next night all of us went out to The Club for a last dinner as a group. The goodbye was not quite as difficult as I had expected it to be, at least not when I was leaving Tasikoki. It was difficult saying goodbye to Simon. I do not always agree with him and there was a lot of frustration there but I know that he is a good man just in a bad spot right now. I know that the new vet team will do a great job and I know that I have done a lot to improve the lives on the animals there. I will never regret going there and have grown so much since when I first arrived. I had the chance to prove to myself how much I am really capable of doing. I met some of the most amazing people, some who I hope to stay in contact with and meet up with again somewhere down the road. Nard, too-tall Simon, Alicia and I all left at the same time. That made it a bit easier-also knowing that Nard and I were flying to Singapore together to meet Janet. We said goodbye to Simon at the Manado airport and sent him on his way to go meet Sarah in Australia (aww Tasikoki romances). When we finally arrived in Singapore we went and got Nard settled in at his hostile and then met with Janet for dinner and drinks at a nice restaurant on the harbor. Then came time to say goodbye again...to Janet. This time it was not quite as hard because I believe we will be meeting up again sometime somewhere in the world. Nard rode with me to the airport where we met Alicia for a farewell coffee. Then came the hardest see you that I have ever had to do. Going to Tasikoki I never thought I would meet or fall for someone like I did for Nard. I hope with all my heart that we can meet up again but if nothing ever happens I will always consider myself very blessed for having the chance to meet such a great man. Overall Tasikoki was one of the most amazing times I have had. I learned how much I am capable of doing, learned a lot more about who I am and how to be confident in that person and met so many amazing people that I will never forget.

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