ARGENTINA June-July 2004 travel blog

Turtle in Talampaya

Talampaya - Indian petroglyphs




Talampaya - Chimney of Echo (150m high)


Talampaya - Gothic Cathedral


Talampaya - Totem and Tower

Talampaya - Monk (far left)

Talampaya - canyon 6-10 m wide

Talampaya - inside canyon

Talampaya - rocks inside canyon

Talampaya - canyon

Talampaya - rhea (Nandu pampovĂ˝)

To my surprise we picked up the young girl to go with us. She has never been in Talampaya so she was quite excited. She also loves English and this was the first time she could speak English with somebody. We had to wait for couple hours in the visitos center so that I did not have to pay for the whole truck. First we drove by area where there we sketches made by Indians and wholes they made for grinding seeds and making liquer. The second stop was "botanic garden"-- different kind of trees and bushes, some of them did not have any leaves and were using bark for photosynthesis. There was a vertical wall of the canyon at the end of our walk on which condords had a nest. Since the wall was over 100m it was hard to see them but binoculars helped. Then we went to see different formations- a chimney, monk, gothic cathedral, totem, tower, elephant,...... it was great fun. Our final stop was a narrow canyon (6-10m) which was not formed by erosion but by tectonic activities. While we were driving around, we saw several condords flying above us, different birds including South American version of ostrich (I have to find out correct name) and a relative of fox.

I got on a bus La Rioja and got to the city a bit after 11pm. I wanted to take a bus to Posadas and was told that it is sold out until Saturday! Well, quick change of plans, will go to Cordoba and from there to Posadas. The bus was leaving in a few minutes so I was glad to catch it.

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