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In spite of feeling really tired when I turned off the light last night, I was awake early and got up at 5:00 this morning.

Marilyn slept awhile longer and then joined me in the living room for coffee.

She was in a “Get-er-done” mode and began cleaning the RV before the coffee was gone.

That was my signal to head for the shower!

By the time I was showered, shaved and dressed, Marilyn was doing laundry, had scrubbed the tile floor, done dishes, cleaned the living room, dining area and kitchen, and was preparing to change the bed linen.

It was her turn for the shower!

I went outdoors to talk with Bob a bit and make some loose plans for a bit later.

I dragged chairs from the storage area, along with our outdoor tables and the grill, then set up a patio area.

Retrieving the foam pieces I use to protect one’s head from the edges of our slide outs, I installed them on the corners. I also put the wheel chocks between the wheels on the RV, and unpacked the fire-proof safe given to us by our daughter and son-in-law. Thank you, kids!

I put our important papers in the new safe, and by that time we had decided to drive to the Rec Hall to show Bob & Janet some of the resort they had not yet seen.

We ate breakfast at the Rec Hall, while watching a large group of folks enjoying the exercise class. That nearly wore me out!

We had photo’s taken for the new ID badges here, and purchased tickets for the Thanksgiving dinner next Thursday.

Back at the RV I called Steve II to make an appointment to have our RV’s washed and waxed. That will be next Friday.

I also called my credit card company to have our credit card re-instated. They had declined it at Walmart due to suspected fraud activity. It has been used in Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, New York, South Africa, Washington, DC, Arkansas, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Texas, in the past few months. What could possibly be wrong? LOL

Another call, this time to Alternative Resources has our mail on its way to us tomorrow.

Marilyn & I sat outdoors this afternoon, enjoying the beautiful weather and brisk breeze, as we lay back in our lounge chairs with a good book and some cold tea.

It looks like dinner this evening will be some BBQ pork, cooked on the grill, and served with baked potato and a salad.

Dale & Linda walked over to sit with us and visit for awhile.

They are super nice friends and a pleasure to visit with.

Life is Good!

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