Paul & Cherie Peru Trip 2011 travel blog

Getting dressed by Sandra.

Paul and Wilber

Our group with our families and children dancers.

Our group staying with Wilbur.

Our room: comfortable and clean.

Pauls bed. He had princess printed sheets! Bathroom on the left. Had...

All the pieces of clothes I had to wear. I was so...

Exhausted but a wonderful dinner.


We were welomed by the local people of Luquina, at town on a pennisula on Lake Titicaca. They took us up a steep hill to a soccer court where we played 2 games with the local boys. Then we were dressed up in their local outfits. I had 4 skirts, a jacket, a shawl, a hat, and a wide belt. Paul wore a poncho, hat, and satchel. They demonstrated a traditional dance. Then it was our turn to try the dance. At this high altitude is was very tiring. It was a fast dance and the song seemed like it lasted forever.

After we were introduced to our families: Sandra was the mother, her brother, Wilber also helped us. Paul and I stayed in a simple room with our own washroom but no running water. Carrie from New Market stayed in another room. She could speak Spanish and so it made it easier for us. We had dinner and went to bed. We were exhausted. It rained all night and was loud on the tin roof.

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