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Fancy hotel court yard

Pool in hotel court yard

Display of dried fruits on the plaza

Having a late dinner

Shoes being polished

With cobras and other snakes

The laegest mosque in Marrakesh

Government building

At 8:00 I arrived in Marrakesh and asked about a hotel in the restaurant where I had breakfast - a woman who spoke English suggested her "friend's" hotel in the Medina, it sounded great so I told the taxi driver to take me there. When you get into the Medina the "streets" are so narrow that the cars cannot go through. It Ended up walking with my suitcase the rest of the way and did find the hotel. Well, it was 4 or 5 star hotel and just beautiful. The desk clerk showed me a beautiful suite and of course several hundred dollars above my budget. I asked for a small room and was shown one and told 300 dirhams - it was very nice with court yard and a pool and everything first class - un-packed and had a shower! The girl came and told me it would be 600 dirhams - about 75.00 CA - really quite a bargain, but I am quite stubborn and do not like their tactics - so I packed up and left. I found a small hotel at half the price close by and checked in. It was right next to all the shops and a large square with much activities. I spent the day walking around and taking in the sights. I was "bad" - and had chicken dinner at KFC. The food here is quite good and at night dozens of food stalls suddenly appear with long tables and chairs on the plaza. It is quite a view with all these booths with their own specialty. The "greeters" are very aggressive and hard to refuse. I finally settled on calamari and the portions are enormous, with a bottle of water it is only about 8.00 dollars. Walking around on the plaza of course I was invited to be "draped" with a poisonous snake and two cobras hissing next to my face - oh, you are expected to pay well for this "privilege"! I found an internet cafè close by which was a real plus, I have had a quite lot of trouble finding a place where I can enter into my journal. Went to bed aerly early after all that walking.

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