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Edible flower

coffee tasting... mmmm

buying fruit on the side of the road

Mt Batur in the background... enjoying a coffee


Rice fields, Dawnie with our driver

Famous rice terrace and the workers in the sun

Pura Gunung Kawi temple




Pura Tegeh Koripan temple

Starfruit at our hotel

Jackfruit at our hotel

Another jam packed day with sights and travel. We booked a car with a driver/guide for the day for $35 Canadian dollars. We made our way up to Lovina where we will spend the next few days.

First stop was Tegalalang to see the famous rice terraces seen in magazines regarding Bali.

A beautiful view welcomed us with lush green jungle surrounding the rice terraces. We could see a group of women working in the fields, cutting the rice down, heaving it over their shoulders and smacking it off into a large canvas bag where the rice buds fall off into. Another worker takes the rice and runs it through a manual sieve, taking out all the branches and leaves and unwanted rocks. Some terraces had already been harvested days prior.

The heat of the day was beaming down, these women wore long sleeved shirts and pants and are often seen wiping away the sweat as they work. Some of them carried garbage bags that they have filled with either juice or water, tied them off and have stuck a straw inside for drinking. This is their ‘juice box’ for the day. The only shade offered to them is from a little building off in the distance with a thatched roof and a few small wooden benches inside. This is where they eat and take their breaks throughout the day.

When we stepped out of the car and seen the terraces we recognized the view right away. This spot has been photographed and published thousands of times before and will continue to be, it is simply a place of shear beauty. How wonderful the rice terraces are and we are very pleased that we chose not to miss this area of Bali.

Second stop, the Temple of Pura Gunung Kawi. A wonderful little temple with a natural water spring. Many Quoi fish in the ponds along with lily pads and fountains. I had purchased a sarong at the rice terraces from a local woman so I did not require one, Jason however required one prior to entering. Beautiful stone work, temples and prayer stations. Located on the grounds was a public bath pool where the locals come to wash. Separated sides, men on one and woman on the other. We were not allowed to peek in, rightly so as we did not wish to.

Third stop, we stopped at the Seribatu coffee plantation. We tried some more coffee and tea tasters. Enjoyed the little break, bought a bag of chocolate coffee and were back on our way.

Fourth stop, Mount Batur the most famous of the Volcanoes in Bali. It is the second highest mountain on the island and is still an active volcano. Standing at a height of 1717 meters this mountain is gorgeous. We paid an entry fee of 25,000 rupees and were taking to a restaurant which over looks the volcano. We ordered two Balinese coffees, sat down and enjoyed the view from the restaurant terrace. Many people will hire a guide and climb Mount Batur to witness the sunrise, they start their early accent around 2am in the morning.

We stopped in the city of Singaraja, larger than we expected. Our guide took us to a large grocery store. We purchased some small oranges, coffee, rice wine, peanuts and bathing items. We also stopped at a few local shops looking for a snorkel set for Jason. We want to go snorkeling in Lovina so we wanted to find one for Jason but alas when we finally did find one they wanted 600,000 rupees for one. We decided to wait and see if we can find one in Lovina instead.

Arrived in Lovina and had our driver drop us off at the Lovina Beach Hotel. Room cost was $12 per night Canadian for the two of us. No air conditioning just a fan and the rooms are a little less than clean with two twin beds but it will do for tonight. The grounds are wonderfully landscaped and there is an awesome pool as well. The hotel is located just off the beach of Lovina.

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