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Aqueducts bring water to the farms. Notice the Egrets in the background?...

A fish farm. Or is it a seafood restaurant for the Egrets?

Antelope - The local high school team

Too small for market. There were thousands of these small cantaloupe left...

After the harvest

When the Mid-West has winter, Arizona plants new crops

Hundreds of miles of crops

Around Growler Pond


Growler Pond

Desert Scrub

Growler Pond


Part of this area is a refuge

Very large bass and many catfish make this pond "Home"

Our view for Lunch



We journeyed east of Yuma today to the small farming community of Tacna. We drove the small farming back roads, enjoying the mountain vistas, lush green farms, and a cool little place called Growler Pond. Here are some pictures of today's very short and wonderful drive:

Mike and Nancy

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