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Our plan was to leave Betty’s at 9:00 this morning because we had only a three hour drive to reach our destination in Beaumont, TX.

We took our time getting ready to go, then said “So Long” to our friends, accompanied by big hugs.

Guess what!

It was exactly 9:00 AM when we pulled out onto the highway.

We had good weather with no headwind, and the traffic wasn’t too bad. That made it pretty much a stress-free journey and we arrived at the Gulf Coast RV Resort a few minutes before 12:00 noon.

We checked in, set up quickly and were on our way to Cracker Barrel for some lunch by 12:20.

Man, I love that “Easy Level Up” system. Push a couple of buttons and you are done!

The excitement is growing for Bob & Janet as well as with us, as we know that tomorrow we will arrive at our winter destination.

Marilyn is doing some laundry as I sit here working on this blog.

Bob & Janet remained behind to do a little shopping and then go fill up the truck with diesel fuel. The price for diesel here is $3.959 cash! Using the credit card, we paid $4.049 per gallon. Compare that to $3.599 we paid yesterday in Abbeville.

We did get our site here at the resort for $17.00 per night with our Passport America card. That made up a bit for the high fuel price.

Both, Bob and I hooked up the truck to our RV tonight, so that we would save some time in the morning.

Yes we are anxious to get going!

We have seven and ½ hours driving tomorrow, but it sure will be nice to be there and not have to get up at any certain time on Monday.

Life is Good!

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