Oregon coast Aquarium

That's a lot of trash..... that ....

is an example of how we should be careful

nice fish

great displays

Rebecca looks at her favorite "Jelly's"

Common Murre

Black Oystercatcher

It's a show

The shark tank

The Nye Beach arch

Nye beach visual arts center

Map of the area

Aprils, a good place to eat

Nye beach looking north toward the Yaquina Head Lighthouse

Map of the coast

Dave at Cape Perpetua

Tide is coming in with big waves

restored bridge in 2003, similar to the old one.

History about the bridge

Before roads if you wanted to go along the beach this is...

Thors drain

Spouting Horn or Blowhole they're fun to watch

WOW! when big wave come in it really throws up the mist

then sometimes it's not so great...

Stone lookout from Cape Perpetua mountain, built by the CCC boys.

looking up at the stone lookout from Spouting Horn

View south from top of Cape Perpetua mountain, Spouting Horn is next...

Some of the things we've done while here at Newport, OR include visiting the Oregon Coast Aquarium, Historic Nye Beach, Cape Perpetua.

The Oregon Coast Aquarium is not a "Rinky-dinky" aquarium at all. We found it to be a very viable worthwhile stop and flush with great displays. Active and on going research takes place her on the many coastal problems affecting the mammals and birds who live or visit here. A quarter mile from the aquarium is the Hatfield Marine Science Center an Oregon State University facility. There is alot of research going on at this facility and much of it is presented to the public through the visitors center where one can browse through displays. We were able to "pet" sea stars, sea cucumbers and learn how research from this facility is helping to save whales, crabs, salmon and others fishes. We were really impressed.

Historic Nye Beach was named for John Nye who claimed a 160 acre parcel in 1866. In the 1880's the property was purchased by Sam Irvin, and in the 1890's the "summer people" began coming to Nye Beach in large numbers. They came by train to Yaquina City on Yaquina Bay, where the railroad ended, then by ferry boat to the Bayfront, and finally by the boardwalk built in 1891 to connect the Bayfront with Nye Beach. In 1912, the New Cliff House (now Sylvia Beach Hotel), and the popular Natatorium, next the bath house (now the Yaquina Art Assoc). Today, the Historic Nye Beach oceanfront neighborhood retains the charm of its historic warm village with a mix of eclectic shops and restaurants.

We went to Cape Perpetua to find the high rock overlook built by the Concervation Corps boys back in 1933 and found so much more. The overlook is easy to find, 400 feet over the seashore and the vista looking south was breathtaking. Immediately below us, to be discovered later, was a massive Spouting Horn or "blow-hole" and Thors Drain Hole. The high tide was coming in with a vengengeance at the time we were there. We were treated to a show of power and magesty.

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