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Hi again!

On Saturday morning Espita and I caught the bus to Santarem with the intention of catching the evening boat to Belem. At the bus stop in AC we met a group of Brazilian guys who are at the start of a 2-3 year trip cycling round the world and had come to Alter do Chao for a few hours while their boat from Belem to Manaus was in the port. This turned out to be a stroke of luck for us girls as they then refused to let us carry our bags for the 15 minute walk from the bus stop to the port. However on getting to the port we discovered that the boat we wanted was delayed and we couldn´t leave until Sunday morning and had to check into a hotel.

The following morning we got to the port in plenty of time and hung up our hammocks in preparation for another 48 hours on the boat. This time though it was much more scenic as the river was narrower and we went off into various channels as short-cuts. Along the river there were quite a few wooden houses and the residents would row out to the boat hoping people might throw food to them or attach their little boats to the big boats and climb in selling food. At one point these little sellers were some young girls of no more than 8 years old.

We arrived in Belem on Tuesday morning and it was here the two of us split up - Espita to go to Sao Luis - and me to spend a couple of days in Belem before going to my next stop. However, Tuesday was a public holiday so pretty much everything expect a couple of restaurants was closed and most of the time was spent at the hostel recovering from the boat trip. At the hostel I met a German woman called Nikki and we decided to head to a nearby island for a couple of days instead of staying in Belem, which is where I am now.

Speak to you all soon,

Ellen xxx

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