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Today was my schools birthday!! And in Taiwan... any birthday is a VERY big deal.

The whole day consisted of the students performing, BBQ-ing, and each class made an item (like tea, moon cakes, etc.) that they sold to other classes. Since the other exchange student and I didn't find out about this fantastic day of school till about 2 days before... we didn't perform but instead gave a big speech in front of everyone! A lot of people afterwards told me they recorded it so I could "Show to my mommy!!!" haha. They also set up many games like rolling a tire from one side of the basketball court to the other, but before we could take part in these games are teacher said she wanted to take us on a surprise walk! The 3 of us snuck out of the school and headed for our first stop.

As we walked down the streets of Zhunana we ended up at an ice cream parlor. BUT, of coarse, this was no normal ice cream ha it was soy bean ice cream! And it was absolutely amazing. It tasted like nothing I've ever tried before (which was surprising because I expected it to taste like soy milk... but it didn't haha) and was topped with peanuts and various other things.

After our delicious frozen desert we were off to stop number two, a beauty salon! Our teacher payed... with her own money!... for us to get our hair washed, massaged, and styled. This was the first massage I've had here that actually felt very good! However, when it came time for the 'styling' part, the stylists were completely befuddled at what to do with my curly head of hair. SO 1 bottle of mouse and jar of gel later... I ended up with an 80's like do with a braid sweeping from one side of my head to the other and then forming a flower like shape on one side by my ear. haha

As if our teacher hadn't already done enough she took us to one more stop, and it was a fruit tea shop :) She bought us passion fruit teas that were very good and are served with forks because they put so much fresh fruit in them.

Overall I think our school needs to have more birthdays :)

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