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You may wonder about the title I chose for this blog entry. Well, allow me to explain what happened.

We planned to show our friends around the French Quarter in New Orleans today. The rain last night moved out early this morning and promised a nice day.

I noticed that the battery on my cell phone was nearly shot, so I plugged it in to charge and put Marilyn’s cell phone in my pocket. We didn’t expect any calls anyway because Jennifer is working today.

Marilyn & I rode with Bob & Janet, with Trent & Teresa following close behind us.

We took the ferry across the river from the west bank to the French Quarter, and then walked along the riverfront to the “Café Du Mond.”

We enjoyed the specialty of the house, the beignets and café latte.

From here we walked to the St Louis Cathedral and then took our friends up St Ann Street to Bourbon Street.

We had fun walking along Bourbon Street, “window shopping”, and then headed for the French Market so that the ladies could do some shopping.

Bob decided to go along and check out the bargains while Trent and me stayed behind, sitting on a bench in the shade, listening to a live band playing Dixieland Jazz and Blues music.

When everyone returned, Trent and I joined them and we walked to the Central Grocery for a Muffuletta, which we all shared.

The entire group agreed that it was a delicious sandwich!

We then headed back toward the ferry terminal. Now here is where it gets complicated!

Bob’s cell phone rang and he motioned for us to stop. He then handed the phone to me.

It seems that Marilyn’s cell phone fell from my pocket while I sat on the bench. The phone was picked up by a lady who works for a tourist organization. She gave the phone to a friend who works for a radio station in New Orleans. In fact he is the Chief Engineer, Production Manager for WWOZ, 90.7 FM.

This young man went to a great deal of trouble to locate the owner of the cell phone.

He called people on the phone and gave out his phone number so people could call him back.

In the end, I spoke to him on the phone and found that he was some distance away from us, so I agreed to call him back and give him an address where he could mail the phone to us.

As we neared Bob’s truck I asked him to punch the address into his GPS and when he did, we found that we could get there in 15 minutes.

I called Damond, who had the phone, and he suggested that we meet at a shopping center not far from where we are staying. He gave us a store in the shopping center where he would be, and described his car for us.

This nice young man then got in his car and drove in rush hour traffic to the meeting place.

He not only returned our phone, but would not accept a single cent for all of his trouble.

I would simply like to thank this fine gentleman for his trouble.

Good people like this are a real pleasure to meet. We can only wish there were more honest and caring people like this.

In the end we have had a fine day today and indeed, we can say with certainty that Life is Good!

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