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We pulled out of Byram, MS about 8:30 this morning and within the next 20 minutes we ran into rain.

The rain varied from light to heavy and back again, but stopped entirely after driving in it for an hour or so.

The drive to New Orleans was pretty routine except for the rain and then the crossing of the Huey P Long Bridge, which was down to one single, very narrow, lane, with a concrete barrier and curb on the right and bright orange cones on the left. Just to make it interesting, they parked a pickup to the left of the cones, so that you had to stay focused on your driving.

I stared intently at the cones and the vehicles parked on my left and allowed the right side to take care of itself.

There was a real “pucker factor” for awhile.

Bob and I backed into our respective sites at Bayou Segnette State Park, being guided in both cases by our lovely brides. We were soon sitting on the deck beside our RV, sipping a cold drink and talking about our trip.

As we set visiting, I decided to turn on my computer to show Bob & Janet a picture of Trent & Teresa. Just as I was doing that, our friends arrived, waving at us as they drove up.

Introductions and hugs were soon exchanged, then we left Trent & Teresa to get set up.

They joined us once their RV was all set up. The conversation was easy and constant, punctuated with laughter, and it is apparent that this group will have a nice time together.

We headed out for some dinner at Perino’s Boiling Pot. We have fond memories of a fun time together with my high school classmates, and friends Heinz & Irene and Roger & Joyce, at Perino’s.

The food of oysters on the half shell, fried oysters, fried alligator, and crawfish, was delicious, washed down with tea or ice water.

We left with full tummies and drove back to the RV’s in rush hour traffic.

Now we are all settled down for the night. We have definite plans for tomorrow, showing our friends around the French Quarter in New Orleans.

Life is Good!

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