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Austin Woman's Club

Today Val and I attended a Daughters of the American Revolution business meeting and luncheon at the Austin Woman's Club. Val is already a member of a DAR chapter in another city; she wants to transfer her membership to the Thankful Hubbard chapter. I'm a prospective member.

The business meeting was interesting. The speaker today was Joe Cavanaugh, Director of the National Museum of the Pacific War in Fredericksburg. His topic was "Pearl Harbor". He spoke on the events that led up to the bombing of Pearl Harbor by the Japanese on December 7, 1941. He also discussed the reasons for the attack, which actually go back over 100 years. It was very interesting.

The food was delicious. We had roasted pork loin with cabbage, sweet potatoes, broccoli and roll. It was topped off with a very good spice cake.

The Registrar told me that I need to get copies of both my parents' death certificates and that my mother's has an error. It shows that she died in Houston instead of Brownwood. It needs to be corrected before DAR can accept it.

After the meeting I went to the Vital Records office to find out what I need to do to get my mother's death certificate corrected. I learned that I don't have a legal right to request the correction because I was not the one who supplied the information in the beginning. My brother will have to do it. I took a request form.

While I was awaiting my turn, I saw Zipra Morgan, the DAR Vice-Chairman of the Membership Committee. She told me that, if I can provide a copy of their obituaries, they can accept that instead of the death certificates.

Happily, I found that information with both their memorial books. That will save me the $40 fee. I scanned them so I can e-mail them to the Membership Committee.

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