Toby-Sue Trip to the Gulf of Mexico 09-10 travel blog

The time has come when I would normally be telling where we are going in the south for the winter. I am here to tell you, WE ARE STAYING HOME FOR THE WINTER!! Some people (including us sometime) think we are nuts, others are very excited that we are staying home.

Yes, we discussed it all last winter, that we would stay til the holidays were over. I thought that if we stayed THAT long, we might as well give the winter a shot. So far, no regrets. The weather has been beautiful. One little snowfall.

We have a very busy schedule (to keep me from going crazy). Some of the things are, of course, the holidays, the John Beargrease dogsled race (Jan 29th), we are taking a dogsled trip, date tbd, where we drive our own dogsled. I am VERY excited about that one. We are going the the Northwoods Audubon Center for New Years. Always a great meal, good show, and good time. We have our regular stuff, art club on Mon., game night at the History Center, and game night at our house.

We have some winter camping trips planned for the North Shore once the snows come. We camped last weekend with Pete, and 2 of the kids. He made us breakfast on Sun. morning. Unfortunately, I forgot the camera, so no pictures.Thanks Pete for a great breakfast. When I retired I had given Pete a new pair of winter boots that I had just bought. Luckily, he never needed them, and I got them back. Now I am ready.

Nov. 20th, Eric is treating me to a Vikings game at the Metrodome. Really looking forward to it. I have never been to a Vikings game. Thanks Eric, I'll see you Sun.

I am sure there will be some time to do spontaneous things, so anyone that wants to go eat, visit, or anything else, give us a call. We'll be looking forward to it.

To our rv friends, hopefully, our trails cross soon. Have a great winter, and be sure to watch our weather, so you can rub in our decision to stay home.

I am waiting for snow so I can build a snow fort to camp in. I told Sue I can't sleep in the house all winter.

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