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The wind blew hard enough to make sleeping a bit sporadic last night.

It was still blowing pretty hard this morning but we were ready to go by 6:50.

We pulled out of the Mark Twain Cave and Campground, and headed out toward Hwy 61 and on to St Louis, Sikeston, and West Memphis.

Bob & Janet appeared behind us as soon as we pulled out onto the main highway and followed us all the way today.

They are good people to travel with and we have lots of good times ahead of us.

The wind became even stronger, gusting to more than 50 mph and unfortunately for us, it was a quartering to straight on headwind.

We watched with dismay as the fuel mpg sagged from 11.0 down to 9.2 by the time we reached Sikeston.

I think Bob & Janet got slightly better mileage that we did, but in any case, it was pretty dismal.

One of the neat things which happened today, was just after we passed Festus, MO, south of St Louis, Marilyn’s phone rang and it was a friend, Cathy Davis, who passed us, going in the opposite direction. She recognized our truck and called to see if that was indeed us. It was nice to visit with this good friend.

We stopped in Sikeston to have some lunch at Lambert’s.

We enjoyed a delicious lunch and then made one more stop to fill the trucks with fuel, before heading on south toward West Memphis, Arkansas.

The wind blew even stronger on this last leg of the day and the fuel mileage fell even farther, reaching an all-time low of 7.4 mpg.

I may as well have been driving a motor home. LOL

I’m sorry! We do have good friends with motor homes but I’ll bet they had horrible mileage if they were heading south today.

We reached the Tom Sawyer RV Park around 3:30 this afternoon and were all set up shortly after that.

It the wind would just let up we would be having a wonderful time.

It is such a joy to us to see the faces of Bob & Janet as they are enjoying the full-time RV lifestyle so very much. We have so much to show them in the RGV and then in Colorado next summer!

Watching them brings the joy back to us as we remember how excited we were when this was all brand new.

We are now in our sixth year of the full time life and love it.

We simply can’t imagine giving it up to stay in one place, but we must never say never. LOL

One thing we know for sure is that Life is Good!

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