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It is a new record. It now takes ten days to get from New Jersey to southern Georgia!

We leave Tybee Island. We do some creative navigating to loop south around Savannah. Creative means that I read a map and ignore the GPS. We are happy when we see good old Route 17 again.

We make an early stop for supplies. In this case, supplies mean fishing licenses. I did say licenses (plural).

Much of our drive today qualifies as a scenic Georgia Byway. We pass over rivers that continue to the ocean. We slow down for historic towns. In some parts, the oak trees form a canopy over the road. We put the GPS on mute. We ignore all reference to I95.

We arrive at our friend’s house around noon. John calls a fishing captain. He sets up a charter for tomorrow. The only problem is the wind. It has been windy for several weeks. We can reschedule if necessary.

We take a ride to the marina. We want to make sure we know where it is and how long it takes to get there. It is on one of the local rivers nearby. This should work out well!

Campground: Mick’s

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