Terry, Doug and Roxie's Summer Trip 2011 travel blog

Roxie in Arches National Park

Three Gossips

The Sheep

Delicate Arch

Roxie in Arches National Park

Fiery Furnace

Skyline Arch

Arches National Park

Today we went to Arches National Park. It took over 100 million years of erosion of water and ice, extreme temperatures, and underground salt movement to sculpture the rock scenery of Arches National Park. There are over 2,000 arches ranging in size from a three foot opening to the longest Landscape Arch measuring 306 feet. Today new arches are being formed and old ones destroyed. Besides all the arches, there are many rock formations that have been given names to represent what they resemble. To see many of the more photographed arches you had to walk back into the desert area several miles. It was 95 degrees today so we decided to pass on that hike.

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