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Hotel Posada Edem

Today we moved from one Caribbean island to another. I wanted to go to an island called Cozumel. As there is no direct link between the two islands, getting there was complicated and expensive. First we took a bicycle taxi to carry our luggage to the ferry. Then the ferry to Cancun and a taxi to the bus station. Next, a bus from Cancun to Playa del Carmen. The bus station in Playa del Carmen is very close to the shore so we did not need a taxi here. That saved one step in the trip. Instead we used another of the handy bicycle taxis to carry our luggage and we walked along behind. For some reason the ferry to Isla Cozumel cost more than double the ferry to Isla Mujeres although the service and distance seems about the same.

We are staying at a hotel called Posada Edem. No TV or phone and in need of paint and maintenance. It is not a very nice hotel but it is clean, safe, cheap, in a good location and even has internet in the rooms. It cost only about $21 per day and every fourth day is free. I should have booked for eight days instead of seven to get another free day. It is too late now. Changing our schedule would be complicated as we have reservations at another hotel next week and it would affect the whole timetable all the way down the list.

I am here to for one week to look for some endemic birds that live on this island and nowhere else in the world. They are the Cozumel Vireo and the Cozumel Emerald (a type of hummingbird). If I don’t find them this week, then I will never see them. Also on the island is supposed to be the Caribbean Dove which is not endemic to this island only but lives only on Caribbean islands and not on the mainland. This is my third island and I have not seen one yet. In addition to these endemic birds, I am still searching for some that I had hoped to find in the Botanical Gardens but did not. These are the Yucatan Vireo, the Black-Cowled Oriole, Rose-throated Tanager, Red-throated Ant Tanager, Couch’s Kingbird and the Yucatan Woodpecker.

Wish me luck.

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