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Welcome aboard

Pete's happy!

Port in Tahiti from ship


First stop

Sexiest peak in Raiatea (according to our guide!)

Marea - where they used to do human sacrifices

Cruise up the river

Day 2

The private island

On the private island in Taha'a

View from the island

Ia Orana! (hello) we are on the way from Taha'a to Bora Bora. What an amazing time we're having!! This ship is great - 330 passengers and 220 crew. The service, food and drinks are excellent! We were greeted by our butler, Abner, when we got onboard and he has been fantastic. We started on Saturday in Papeete and had a great dinner at Le Grille. Sunday was an excursion day that didn't go so well - our motorized outrigger canoe broke down about an hour in to the trip and we were stranded for 2 hours!

Sunday night we had dinner with the captain of the ship - great guy, been doing this for 35 years.

Monday was spent on the private island in Taha'a - it was beautiful! Had a beach barbeque and just chilled.

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