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Our "cool Dude" going for lunch

Hula girls


another sunset

This morning the winds had died down and the sun was shining on the Molokini crater so that is supposed to signify a good day. It proved to be correct. After a leisurely breakfast we spent a good part of the day at the beach. Talia and I went swimming in the pool first before going to the beach. She puts her water wings on and leaps into the pool with no worries at all. She goes right under and pops up giggling. We did build some sand castles for a bit but she soon wanted to go into the ocean to bob around. Grandma joined us and we had a gat time.

Around 11am we got changed and head up north to Lahaina. I think everyone was homesick for our old haunts. The beach here in Kihei is nice but there isn't a real Hawaian feel. It is more like a ritzy tourist spot which it actually is! We had lunch at the Aloha Mixed Plate in Lahaina then went to the Cannary Mall whe there was a hula show. Talia was entranced with all the dancers and never moved for over an hour!

After the show we drove up by the old places where we have stayed and the beaches where we snorkeled. If we come back again, we will definitely move back up north.

Darryl has to attend his conference tomorrow, although he plans to check in and have breakfast before going snorkeling. He just needs to prove he was at the conference.

Not sure what we'll do tomorrow but it will once again be 26 degrees so whatever comes along, it will be a nice day!

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