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Last day in the UK today. It has been a mad, crazy rush packing and storing all of our belongings, whilst packing our bags to travel and cleaning the house.

Needless to say I did something stupid and managed to lose the key to the shed. Lose is not exactly true, I know exactly where it is, after finishing clearing out the shed I remember the satisfaction of locking it and putting the key in my right hand coat pocket. I then took the coat off and put it in a bin liner and packed it in the middle of all our things. Just as I was leaving the house I remembered where it was with a sinking feeling as I looked at this huge pile of stuff and 20 bin liners staring back at me. Ho hum! The nice, clean, tidy shed with the lawn mower in it will not get used until we come back now.

We're having a relaxed day today. Ray's gone to the pub with my sister and her husband, whilst I get a few last minute details sorted out.

I had to repack our stuff to evenly distribute the weight between the bags. What a faf!

Thanks to all of you for signing up to our blog and goodbye for now. Next update will be in the USA. Our flight is at 2pm Monday from Heathrow to Atlanta.


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