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Not long ago, we took our first cruise, not a long one, just down the Baja peninsula stopping in Ensenada, Cabo San Lucas, and La Paz. Previous experiences with Mexico had been in border towns like Tijuana, Matamoros, Reynosa, Ciudads Acuna and Juarez, and a couple of driving trips to Ensenada in the early 1960’s.

Flying in to San Diego, we were met by buses that took us to the cruise ship terminal where we were processed for boarding. Within just a few hours, we departed San Diego embarking on a deep sea cruise to Cabo San Lucas. Our cabin was small but comfortable and we settled in for what was to prove to be a very enjoyable time aboard a luxurious, floating city.

To us, Cabo was as “touristy” as border towns we have been to. La Paz was a much different experience, sitting in the shade under a Palapa on a beautiful white sand beach sipping a cool one, very peaceful, very tropical. Ensenada was something else entirely, much bigger than expected because we remembered a much smaller place from our driving trips there in the 60’s. Not only was it bigger, it had also lost much of the charm we found there on our earlier visits.

Our trip was before the violence in Mexico had escalated so we were able to enjoy the time safely. We had planned a cruise to the Mexican mainland, guess that will have to wait…

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