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Tropical Butterfly

Iguana in the Treetops

Today we went by bus to a town called Puerto Morelos, which is about an hour’s drive south of Cancun. We went to tour the Botanical Gardens that are located there. It is Mexico’s largest botanical garden. It is supposed to be a hotspot for birds, but I was disappointed. I did not see a single identifiable bird. I heard some in the forest and a saw a few flying across the trail in the distance but I did not see any close enough to identify them. The man who works there said that most of the birds had left in the recent hurricane and have not returned. We were not able to walk all of the trails because of water. The hurricane did not seem to do much damage but there is still a lot of water on the ground.

We did see many kinds of pretty butterflies and a few iguanas. We climbed an observation tower that is three-stories tall in hopes of seeing some raptors or other birds. We didn’t see any birds up there but were surprised to see an iguana in the treetops; three stories above the ground.

There were lots of mosquitoes but once we put some repellant on, they did not bother us too much.

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