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We didn´t take this photo - but this is Aveiro.

Aveiro - the Venice of Portugal. Aveiro is intersected by canals, genuine streets of water, along which can be seen gliding the brightly coloured boats (gondalas) known as barcos moliceiros. This was really just an overnight stop before we continued on our way to the Rio Douro and Pinhao, but after our first glimpses we wish we had more time to explore this amazing little town. We arrived in Aveiro at about 5pm on a public holiday, (same day as the grilled sardines episode) so we struggled to find something to eat. We were starving having missed lunch. We checked in to Hotel Moliceiros to discover they had upgraded us to a suite YAY !! The staff are very proud of their hotel and informed us they had recently renovated some of their larger rooms and turned them into themed suites, they wanted us to have one and give them feedback - "not a problem" we said. Well, our room was the "Marrakech Room" (funny, we´ve just been there) and it was lovely. There was also a "Chanel Room", a "New York Room" and a "Designer Room". The hotel kindly recommended a restaurant that would be nice and more importantly OPEN. It was great and we were allowed to take our own bottle of wine. Upon our return to our room we discovered the staff had filled it with candles and rose petals....... very romantic. There was also a bottle of champagne with strawberries and a few little chocolates. Of course we gave them a glowing report and told them how beautiful the room looked. We had an early start in the morning as we had a long winding drive ahead to Pinhao.

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