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The heat in this little dusty valley makes it difficult to get a good sleep. Thank goodness we had a fan. The fan in our room was one of those rotating ones so about every five seconds I would anxiously await the brief cooling breeze. Then back to stillness. 

Our night watchman apparently is finished his shift at day break so wakes us by calling into our window to let us know he is leaving. We say good bye and try to go back to sleep. People get up early here too so they can beat the heat and when darkness arrives everything is very quiet and the Mosquitos become a concern. It is safer for us under our nets to read until we can fall asleep again. We are fining the best way to get ready in the morning is to quickly shower, then hurry back under the mosquito net to lather ourselves in both sun block and mosquito lotions before dressing to avoid bites. Quite the  procedure.

This morning we had our breakfast cereal and milk but had to eat in shifts as there was only one bowl! Breakfast on the deck mover looking Lake Malawi was beautiful. I guess the biggest drawback of the Safari Cottage is the kitchen. We will eat out for all our other meals. 

A morning walk to Myoka Bacpackers, the other place we considered staying, was a short very hot uphill one. The place is very nicely set up so we checked out a ew rooms. As tempted as we were to staynhere instead it wasn't worth moving for two more nights. Rooms here were only six more dollars per night and it is a bit further from town. We stayed for a drink before continuing our walk to Chikale Beach the only beach in the area.

We sat in the shade on a love seat type chair which the restaurant brought out to us. reading our books enjoying thie scenery for about two hours before heading back to the cottage. There were great looking little cottages here too but we did not check them out. One of the workers spent the entire time doing laundry at the lake then laying the clothes on the sand to dry. Balharzia is a concern in this lake so we erred on the side of caution and stayed out of the water.

Quickly we rehydrated ourselves, loaded our day bags and headed into town for some internet time and for dinner. The internet shack had three computers in a windowless, stifling hot, narrow space. We couldn't stay long because of the heat. We suggested a fan so tourists would stay longer.  a great place to sit and people watch. 

At the only German restaurant in town, an upper shaded deck overlooking one of the dusty roads that locals use to walk daily to and from work and school allowed Al to get some people photos. Some refreshing drinks kept us happy until dinner. Carlsburg beer along with their local Kuche Kuche beer is available. I prefer the local beer. 

Eventually we order dinner. Greek salad, well an African version, and a margaretta pizza. Both were edible but not very tasty. The salad consists of mosty iceberg lettuce, little bits of tomato, onion, olives, and feta. 

Walking back before dark was our plan and a good one. Just as we arrived at the cottage the power went out and everything was pitch black. We fumbled around to find our headlamps, showered and climbed into the netted beds. Note to self; carry our headlamps in our day bags from now on just in case. We were in bed at seven! Way to early and hot to sleep, so we read till nine. Without power we had no fan to give us relief from the heat. Yikes! Not much else to do here at night. The night watchman checked in with us and we offered him the rest of our fibrous bananas we didn't find nice to eat raw and a coke. He was very appreciative.

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