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Colonial Parkway

York River

York River

Beach Combing

Yorktown Battlefield

Allied Siege Line

I Walk the Trenches

Redoubt 10

Yorktown Victory Monument

Yorktown Victory Monument

I Have To See It Up Close

Watermen's Museum

Yorktown Riverfront

John Meets With Washington

Are we Rving or are we camping? Last night, I get up to adjust our electric heater. Oops. It is toast. What do we do? We have never used our propane heater. We wrap ourselves in blankets and sleeping bags. It is Virginia. How cold can it get? We do not freeze but it is a little nippy in the AM.

After breakfast with lots of hot coffee, we head to the twenty-four hour Wal-Mart. I guess we could have shopped here last night. We now have two new heaters (one is for backup), an electric blanket for John, and two new coffee cups. John picks Darth Vador and I get Dora Explorer.

We are now ready for the day. They call this area the Historic Triangle. Within a half hour of each other is Yorktown, Williamsburg and Jamestown.

We find the Colonial Parkway, which runs from Jamestown to Williamsburg and on to Yorktown. It is a great road. It reminds me of the Natchez Trace parkway.

One of the pull out areas gives us access to the York River. We walk the beach, take pictures and check out the shells. We know what oyster shells look like but we are on vacation!

Eventually, we reach the Yorktown Battlefield. I get my National Parks stamp. Yorktown and Jamestown are part of the Colonial National Historical Park.

We watch the twenty-minute video about the last major battle of the Revolutionary War. We drive the battlefield. We make many stops and find ourselves comparing this battlefield with other battlefields we have visited.

I like walking in the trenches and imagining how it was when George Washington was here. Our new word is “redoubt.” We see redoubts 9 and 10. We both remember that we saw a volcano in Alaska named Mt. Redoubt.

From the battlefield tour, we head to the town of Yorktown. The Riverfront area is wonderful. We visit the Waterman’s Museum. It is small but nice. We find a restaurant for lunch overlooking the York River.

We head back to the campground on the Colonial Parkway. We stop briefly to pick up information on Williamsburg. It has been a full day so we leave Williamsburg and Jamestown for a future trip.

Campground: Williamsburg/Busch Gardens KOA

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