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It was a beautiful sunny day as our tour guide, Luca, picked us up at the hotel, and soon we were off to the Roman Colosseum. Again, we were just amazed at how massive a structure it really is. And, when you consider that it was built in the first century, A.D. And how much of it still exists, it just adds to the amazement. After spending time walking around inside and learning about the ruins, we walked a short way over to the ruins of the ancient Forum. There is not nearly as much of it left, but there were some impressive arches still intact. After this, Luca oriented us to our location and dropped us off. We were anxious to set off on our own to see several more sites and do some shopping. First order of business was lunch. We decided on a little sidewalk cafe down a side street. The owner, who reminded us all of Chef Boyardee, came out to ask how we liked the pizza and had his picture taken with us! We only had to walk several blocks to reach the famous Trevi Fountain. Next on our agenda was the legendary Spanish Steps. We all pretty much split up at that point to shop and make our way back to the hotel. We are all looking forward to more tours tomorrow at the Vatican of the Sistine Chapel and the Vatican Museums...then it's off to the ship!

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