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So, only 6 days before we go although the events in the world seem to be out to stop us, floods in Thailand and Cambodia - border disputes between the 2, earthquakes in New Zealand, Floods in Brisbane and now snow storms in New York as well as the grounding of all Qantas flights- ho hum keep on trucking on. Ang is busy packing all the stuff away and I am busy lifting it :) Was supposed to get my eyes lasered today but have been told that I can;t as I need post operative care for a month so that was a bit of a downer but I can get it done when we get back, its all paid for as well and although we cant get a refund, it means I don't have to find the money when we get back. Going to look for jobs on the way around as well, I think it will be hard to stay here once we have seen so much but we will see. Said bye to some of the family last weekend, and bye to friends last week. Another bye session this week then off to the airport. Following that, the real blog begins...

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