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Camp Goddard Youth Camp in Sulfur, Oklahoma

– I woke extra early, looked at the clock – it was 5:45. If I were at home in Garland and I was getting ready for camp, Ann would have already come by to pick me up and I’d be helping get all of the equipment loaded on the buses. But, this year, I just turned over and went back to sleep. I’m not going to get to camp until about 11:00. I left my campsite about 10:20 and drove to Camp Goddard; it’s about a 25-minute drive. I got there in time to join everyone at the Chapel for sack-lunch time and the review of the rules. As I walked up, several children ran to give me a hug. That’s what I miss about school – the kids. It was great to see all of the teachers and parents too. In no time at all, I felt like I had never left and I was sitting eating my lunch with my long-time friends. The kids and chaperones had some extra time to get their things arranged in their cabins. I got to talk to my teacher-friends. Then, I got the fishing equipment, a chair, the worms and my backpack down to the area next to the canoeing activity. The usual fishing pond is only a small puddle because of the drought. It is hard to believe. I am afraid that the children won’t catch fish like they have in the past since this will now be fishing in a cove of the Lake of the Arbuckles – part of a larger body of water. Also, I’m concerned that the noise from the canoes going in and out may scare the fish away. But, we will have a good time, no matter what. My first group arrived, a boys’ cabin. I gave a few pointers about the parts of the fishing pole and how to cast. Mostly I tried to emphasize how important it is to watch for others when welding the hook around. Then, the fishing began. The worms are so long I am cutting them into four pieces. Each boy had a pole and they started having bites almost immediately. I was busy cutting bait and baiting hooks. The boys were very successful. One young man caught three little perch on three separate casts, using the same worm! The guys had a blast. The dad chaperones were great; they were working with the kids to make sure they knew how to cast and didn’t cross over one another. I was getting to sit and bait hooks. Lots of pictures were being taken. At 3:30, the boys left and a girls’ cabin arrived. The girls had just as much fun catching fish as the guys. One young lady beat the previous record and caught four fish on the same worm! It is great to watch their joy. That is what camp is all about; about 30% of the children had never fished before. We decided to leave the poles down on the fishing beach instead of putting them in the Water Front Shed. We were cleaned up and the children were on their way to dinner in no time. Hamburgers were on the camp menu; I decided to go back and cook up my own dinner (especially since I had a little steak waiting to be grilled). But, not before I went to Walmart for a few Camp supplies; I know the Walmart in Sulphur loves it when we come to town. As I drove into Chickasaw, I saw deer. They are beautiful in the fall foliage. I fixed a yummy dinner of rib eye, mashed potatoes, sautéed spinach, and tomato salad. It was all ready in time for the Ranger game, number 5 in the World Series. What an exciting game; the Rangers won leaving for St. Louis with a 3-2 lead (needing only one more victory to be the World Champs). Mike Napoli, the catcher, is having a fantastic run. He may end up MVP of the series.

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