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The alarm went off several times this morning and my plans for going to the 8:00 service at First Baptist of Wiley turned into the 8:45 service and finally, into the 10:45 service. I had seen their sign on Hgwy. 78 as I drove north to my campsite; recently they began four service Sundays – 8:00, 8:45, 10:45 and 11:35. I had not been to a large church in quite a while. I parked and went in – found a seat with the help of a friendly usher. People were very nice during the “hand-shaking” time. I was amazed to find that several people noticed I was new; in a mega church like that, I’m surprised that anyone knows anyone, yet it seemed that most in this service knew each other. The service was a production. This was a “praise” type service, rather casual. They had a good crowd, making me wonder what the other three services would be like. The singing was fantastic – so loud; I had forgotten what a large congregation could sound like. Their current theme is “Trading Up,” leading their people to think about how we work to get “more stuff” in life when stuff isn’t what is important. That is probably a good choice for this congregation since they are in a rapidly growing area of the Metroplex with several housing additions of very nice homes. That theme would not be so appropriate for my little WRCC. The pastor didn’t use any notes. He had a lot to say during a very short period of time. He had some thought-provoking comments. The one that hit me the most was that God gave me what I have for a purpose; I am so blessed for a purpose – have I found that purpose? He gave me my blessings to use for him. After church, I went back to the trailer, ate lunch and finished packing up the trailer. Then, I was on the road for Oklahoma. Even though I was driving on IH35, the traffic was not too bad. I arrived at Chickasaw National Recreation Area about 5:00. I drove into an area that I had not been before and was pleasantly surprised by the nice campsites. I had only visited the Nature Center and the day use area before; I had no idea that their campground was so nice. I found Site 22 – directly across from the lake and parking area. The extra space in the parking lot gave me a better shot at backing in. I got situated fairly easily; I not totally straight in the site, but I’m in it and I didn’t hit anything and I have room for the slide-outs, I can reach the hook-ups, and it is fairly level. I call that success. After setting up the trailer and getting Luci inside, I went to the self-pay station to pay for my five nights. Unfortunately I found that it was not taking credit/debit cards. A note said to report to the Park Host. I had seen their site when I was driving around. So, I went and knocked on the Host’s door. A very nice lady came to the door and said that it only took cash. Well, that made my decision – I’m going to Wal-Mart today and not tomorrow. The Wal-Mart was located down the highway; I had passed it driving in. At Wal-Mart, I used the ATM to get my $110., a couple of little steaks, some Honeycrisp apples, a baking potato, and mushrooms. Back at the park I plugged my money into the Self-pay machine, got my receipt and went back to the trailer to eat dinner. At this location I am able to get Fox and ABC on the TV; Fox is what is important since that is the Ranger game channel. This is an exciting World Series; I think the Rangers really have a good chance to win it. This was my first game to watch on TV; I’ve been listening to the rest on radio since my TV didn’t get the Fox channel. What an exciting game; the Rangers won – an especially sweet victory after a devastating game last night.

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